Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Think Brett Favre is Amazing? Check Out Herschel!

Herschel Walker, the greatest college football player of all time, has to be one of the most amazing athletes ever created by the good God.  The NFL decided he was too old years ago, but, to my eyes, he looks like he could still play.  At the age of 47, he has undertaken a new career as an "ultimate fighter".  I rather dislike this pseudo-sport (it strikes me as lacking the skill and class of boxing), but this clip of Herschel's first contest serves as further evidence of his continued status as a world-class athlete.

Skills aside, just look at the guy.  Ripped to shreds -- impressive!  (h/t: Georgia Sports Blog)


  1. What do you think? Does Hershel's foray in to MMA possibly point to a conversion to Romanism? About as likely as C.S. Lewis...


  2. You're pretty funny, Rev. Reep . . . but looks aren't everything! :p