Monday, January 18, 2010

Brad Paisley in Wichita

Weekend before last, the missus and I made the trip to Wichita to see Brad Paisley at the new Intrust Bank Arena.  This was the first concert either of us had been to in years (we're old before our time), and we didn't realize that this was the very first event ever held at Intrust Arena.  We liked Wichita and the arena -- except for the cramped seating (don't they realize that not everyone is 5'5", 125 lbs?) -- but we really, really loved Brad Paisley.

Growing up in the South, I was a huge country music fan as a young kid.  The older I got, however, the more the demographics of my town changed.  By middle school, most of my friends were yankee transplants, and, as the song goes, country just wasn't cool anymore.  I guess it was always in my blood, though, as over the last few years, I've become more and more of a country (and especially bluegrass) enthusiast.  I particularly like Alison Krauss, George Strait, Darius Rucker, and Brad Paisley -- all of whom represent more of the "traditionalist" wing of country music (although Brad rocks out from time to time).

I knew that Paisley, in addition to being a singer, was a competent guitarist, but, seeing him in concert, I was honestly blown away by his skills.  That dude can play!  It's not too often that the guy singing the song is also laying down the guitar solos, but Paisley pulls it off flawlessly.  One of the highlights of the show was his rendition of "I'm Still a Guy".  You gotta love these lyrics:

When you see a deer you see Bambi, and I see antlers up on the wall. 
When you see a lake you think picnics, and I see a large mouth up under that log. 
You're probably thinkin' that you're gonna change me. In some ways well maybe you might. 
Scrub me down, dress me up, oh but no matter what remember I'm still a guy.

When you see a priceless French painting, and I see a drunk naked girl. 
You think that riding a wild bull sounds crazy, and I'd like to give it a whirl. 
Well love makes a man do some things he ain't proud of and in a weak moment I might 
walk your sissy dog, hold your purse at the mall but remember I'm still a guy.

I'll pour out my heart, hold your hand in the car, write a love song that makes you cry. 
Then turn right around knock some jerk to the ground 'cause he copped feel as you walked by.

I can hear you now talkin' to your friends sayin', "Yeah girls he's come a long way 
from draggin' his knuckles and carryin'a club and buildin' a fire in a cave." 
But when you say a back rub means only a back rub then you swat my hand when I try. 
Well now what can I say at the end of the day,"Honey, I'm still a guy."

These days there's dudes gettin' facials, manicured, waxed and botoxed. 
With deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands you can't grip a tackle box. 
Yeah, with all of these men linin' up to get neutered it's hip now to be feminized. 
I don't highlight my hair, I've still got a pair.Yeah, honey I'm still a guy. 
Oh my eyebrows ain't plucked there's a gun in my truck. Oh thank god, I'm still a guy.

Here's the video from the title track of his latest album, American Saturday Night.  I really like the concept of the video -- a feel-good video for a feel-good song.

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