Thursday, December 10, 2009

Liturgical Norms in the Midst of Gunfire

Over at WDTPRS, Fr. Z offers, in response to a reader's question, his hilarious take on what actions are appropriate should some violent act--whether of God or man--interrupt the sacred liturgy.  Here's a hint of his suggested remedy:
I believe there is a little known rubric which calls for the deacon and subdeacon (who in any event should be packing) to take out, reverently, their .9mm and return fire.  As I read it, they are to recite the Maledictory Psalms while firing.  At the change of a clip/magazine, they may bow, or duck. . .  Alternately, if the sacred ministers are not packing, there is no reason why a group of religious could not be formed as a sort of liturgical militia against such an eventuality.  I believe in this case, the gun stock must have a ribbon of the color of the days.
Read the whole high-larious thing here.

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