Monday, November 23, 2009

A Bishop Who Knows How to Bish!

Amidst all the instances of our Catholic bishops' failing to properly discipline those obstinately pro-abortion politicians within their flocks (paging Abp. Niederauer of San Francisco. Abp Niederauer?), Bishop Tobin of Providence, R.I. has given us something to cheer about by essentially denying Holy Communion to pro-abort U.S. Rep Patrick Kennedy (son of Teddy).

My buddy Tony Felich, a Reformed Presbyterian pastor, blogs about it here: Reepicheep: Credit where it is due. Tony often takes alot of flack from his Reformed readership when he says nice things about Catholics. Let's hope that, this time, they see the wisdom in his words.

Chris Stigall, the host of the top local talk show on Kansas City radio (and a Methodist) echoes and extends Felich's praise:
You have to hand it to Catholics. They know what they believe, and their leadership is becoming more vocal about it every day. . . Catholic leadership continues to stand resolute in their beliefs rooted in their faith. Providing politicians with political comfort and cover from the winds of “change” and “progressive” thinking has never been their motivation. Rather, Catholic leaders are providing politicians a spiritual framework with which to make important decisions. They are unapologetic, clear and consistent in their message. (From the Platte County Landmark via the Catholic Key Blog)
Love it or hate it, the Catholic Church is uniquely qualified to provide moral clarity and guidance to a world that is desperately in need of it. More, please.

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